Support & Resistance

Examining Gold on January 11, 2023 – Escaping the trading boundary to the upside with potential to rise

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An evaluation of the technical aspects:

An image depicting analytics can be seen below:

Today, gold has been trading higher and I noticed a breakout of the previously established trading range in an upwards direction, indicating a likely continuation in this direction.

The suggestion for trading is to:

Because of the breakout of the trading range and an uptrend, I foresee the potential for a further rise towards the next reference point.

Be on the lookout for potential purchasing chances when the intraday prices dip and have $1.890 and $1.900 as the desired upper price limits.

The MACD oscillator is indicating a new upward momentum, which indicates that buyers have the upper hand.

Supporting the price of $1.880 has been established as the key.