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Apple stock forecast for 2023: Going to $170

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  • The median stock price prediction for Apple Inc. is set at $180, provided from 37 analysts who have provided price estimates for the next 12 months
  • The highest Apple stock prediction is $200 and the lowest prediction is $122
  • Apple stock forecast from, based on the following technical analysis video, is set at a minimum of $170
  • The Apple technical analysis below shows volume profile, an indicator for advanced charting that shows the total volume of trades at each price level over a period of time of the user’s choosing. In this case, I chose the last 5 earnings and 1 year till the recent Q4 2022 earnings report for AAPL
  • Investors and/or traders interested in purchasing Apple shares should do their own research, as this is not financial advice. Still, one option for purchasers is to ride the probable rise up to $170, take a partial profit (e.g., sell half of the position), and hold the rest of the stock position for the long term
  • If Apple’s stock price drops below $124, it would indicate an issue with the bullish assumption, and investors could want to consider liquidating at least half of their holdings in order to reduce their risk
  • Advanced stock buyers may want to consider a more complex, gradual accumilation of Apple stock as follows, taking an example for a buy of $110,000 for a total budget1. Buy $10k at a price at apx $155.55 (close to the recent close)2. Buy $20k at $148.553. Buy $30k at $142.054. Buy $50k at $138.05

The ‘scaling in’ method includes heavier buying as the price declines, a stop loss and take profit target with a note that buyers can consider taking partial profit (eg, 50%) if the target is reached. The following video details how to buy APPL stock, according to this method, inspired by the ‘Fibonnaci entry method’ that I created.

Buy or sell Apple stock at your own risk and return to for additional perspectives and technical analysis ideas.

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