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Economic calendar in Asia – RBA statement due on Friday, 4 November 2022

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RBA SoMP due at 0030 GMT. It’ll up[date the Bank’s forecasts for inflation, GDP. The CPI projections are keenly awaited. The RBA has slowed its pace of rate hikes awaiting further data on how the economy is progressing compared with its forecasts.

  • The
    Statement on Monetary Policy sets out the Bank’s assessment of
    current economic conditions, both domestic and international, along
    with the outlook for Australian inflation and output growth. A number
    of boxes on topics of special interest are also published. The
    Statement is issued four times a year.

snapshot from the ForexLive economic data calendar, access
it here

times in the left-most column are GMT.

numbers in the right-most column are the ‘prior’ (previous
month/quarter as the case may be) result. The number in the column
next to that, where there is a number, is the consensus median