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Credit Suisse: Chance for Resurrection with Swiss Bank’s Pledge

Credit Suisse: Chance for Resurrection with Swiss Bank's Pledge


Switzerland’s central bank’s recent decision to back Credit Suisse Group AG has given the embattled lender a chance to redeem itself after its collapse in confidence shook global markets. This article will delve into the factors that led to the downfall of Credit Suisse, the impact of the central bank’s decision, and whether the bank can make a comeback.

Factors Contributing to Credit Suisse’s Downfall:

Credit Suisse was once known as one of the most prestigious banks in the world, but its reputation took a hit when it was found to be involved in a series of scandals, including the 1MDB scandal, the Greensill Capital fiasco, and the collapse of Archegos Capital. These scandals not only tarnished the bank’s reputation but also led to billions of dollars in losses. The bank’s top executives were also criticized for their inadequate response to the crises.

The Impact of Switzerland’s Pledge to Bankroll Credit Suisse:

Switzerland’s decision to offer a blank cheque to Credit Suisse has come as a relief to the bank, its shareholders, and investors. The move is reminiscent of the European Central Bank’s pledge to do whatever it takes to support the euro during the financial crisis more than a decade ago. In the years that followed, central banks printed billions of euros, leading to a free-money era that boosted global asset prices.

The central bank’s decision to back Credit Suisse is a significant one as it will enable the bank to avoid any major financial disruptions and continue to operate smoothly. The move has also boosted confidence in the bank, as it shows that the central bank is willing to support the bank through thick and thin.

Can Credit Suisse Make a Comeback?

The big question now is whether Credit Suisse can make a comeback. While the central bank’s decision has given the bank a chance to recover, it still faces significant challenges. The scandals have eroded its reputation, and it will take a significant effort to restore it. The bank’s top executives will have to implement measures to prevent such scandals from happening again and reassure their clients and investors that the bank is a safe and trustworthy institution.

The bank will also have to address its risk management practices and make sure that its internal controls are robust enough to prevent any future mishaps. The bank’s recent decision to replace its risk chief is a step in the right direction, but it will have to do more to regain the trust of its stakeholders.


Credit Suisse’s recent scandals have been a blow to its reputation and finances. However, Switzerland’s central bank’s decision to back the bank has given it a chance to recover from its downfall. While the bank faces significant challenges, it can make a comeback if its top executives take the necessary steps to prevent future scandals and restore confidence in the bank. The coming months will be crucial for Credit Suisse, as it tries to rebuild its reputation and regain the trust of its stakeholders.

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