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Forexlive European FX news wrap: Eurozone inflation stays hot

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  • Gold down $12 to $1651
  • Brent crude down 47 cents to $96.49
  • S&P 500 futures down 19 points to 3801
  • German 10-year yields up 13 bps to 2.11%
  • USD leads, JPY lags

The euro has largely hung with the US dollar as we await German inflation data at the top of the hour. Returns so far in Europe have been hot and that will complicate the ECB’s job, though the market may be looking beyond October.

In Japan the yen is weak but did Kuroda open the door a crack to a hawkish shift when he said that that the underlying rise in inflation is likely to heighten medium and long-term inflation expectations and lead to a sustained rise in inflation accompanied by wage gains? I wonder if the market eventually circles back to that theme.

For now, bonds are in charge with rising yields rekindling the US dollar fire. Look for PCE to dictate the moves in US trading.