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Major US stock indices close higher for the 3rd consecutive day

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The major US stock indices are closing the day with solid gains for the 3rd consecutive day (1st time since September).

The gains are led by the NASDAQ index. The Dow industrial average lagged today as market traders moved into the big cap growth stocks ahead of earnings over the next few days.

After the close Microsoft and Alphabet will both report. Later in the week Meta, Apple, Amazon, and Intel will report.

The final numbers are showing:

  • Dow industrial average rose 337.10 points or 1.07% at 31836.75. The Dow industrial average is up 11.00% from its 2022 lows
  • S&P index rose 61.75 points or 1.63% at 3859.10. The S&P index is up around 10.4% from its 2022 lows
  • NASDAQ index rose 246.51 points or 2.25% at 11199.13. The NASDAQ index is up around 11.12% from the 2022 lows
  • Russell 2000 index rose 47.75 points or 2.73% at 1796.15. The Russell 2000 is up 9.34% from its 2022 lows