USD/JPY Faces Bearish Pressure Amid Concerns of Delayed Fed Rate Hike

USD/JPY Faces Bearish Pressure Amid Concerns of Delayed Fed Rate Hike

The USD/JPY currency pair witnessed a decline on Thursday, with the US Dollar heading towards its worst daily loss in nearly a month. This downward movement can be attributed to multiple factors, including disappointing US manufacturing data and statements made by Federal Reserve officials. Market sentiment surrounding the Federal Reserve’s decision on an interest rate hike later this month has turned bearish, leading to a challenging situation for USD/JPY traders.

Bearish Sentiment Prevails Amid Expectations of Delayed Rate Hike

The prevailing bearish sentiment in the market has been largely influenced by the expectations of the Federal Reserve potentially delaying an interest rate hike. Comments from Federal Reserve officials have hinted at a cautious approach, adding to the skepticism surrounding the timing of any rate adjustments. This cautious stance by the Federal Reserve has had a significant impact on the US Dollar’s performance, leading to the decline in USD/JPY.

Bulls Anticipate Potential Reversal Around 138 Area

Despite the prevailing bearish sentiment, there are indications of potential bullish activity in the USD/JPY currency pair. Bulls are closely monitoring the 138 area, eyeing a potential upward movement towards prior support levels in the 139.50s. However, it is crucial to note that the current price is facing resistance from the trendline, suggesting that caution is necessary. Market participants remain focused on fading rallies while keeping a close watch on upcoming economic data, particularly the Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report.

NFP Data Holds the Key to Market Direction

The upcoming release of the NFP data is expected to be a crucial factor in determining the future direction of USD/JPY. This influential economic indicator provides insights into the US labor market, including employment levels, wage growth, and unemployment rates. Traders and investors will be closely monitoring the NFP report as it can significantly impact market sentiment and potentially trigger significant movements in the currency pair. The data will help market participants gauge the overall health of the US economy and its potential implications for the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision.

Resistance Levels Pose Challenges for Bulls

While the bulls are anticipating a potential reversal around the 138 area, the USD/JPY currency pair faces resistance from trendline levels. This resistance suggests that rallies may be short-lived, adding further complexity to the trading environment. Traders focusing on technical analysis will closely watch the price action and the behavior of the currency pair around these resistance levels to assess the strength and sustainability of any bullish momentum.

Fade on Rallies Remains the Preferred Strategy

Considering the prevailing bearish sentiment and the resistance levels faced by USD/JPY, the preferred trading strategy for many market participants remains fading rallies. This approach involves selling the currency pair during short-term price increases, aiming to capitalize on potential reversals or extended downward movements. However, traders must exercise caution and closely monitor market developments, particularly the impact of key economic data and any shifts in the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy outlook.


In summary, the USD/JPY currency pair experienced bearish pressure on Thursday, primarily driven by weak US manufacturing data and dovish comments from Federal Reserve officials. The expectation of a potential delay in the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike has heightened market skepticism and contributed to the US Dollar’s decline. Despite potential bullish prospects, the resistance from trendline levels poses challenges for the bulls, necessitating caution and careful analysis. The upcoming NFP data release holds the key to market direction and will be closely watched by traders and investors. Ultimately, market participants will continue to monitor the evolving economic landscape to make informed trading decisions regarding the USD/JPY currency pair.


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