USD/JPY Poised for Bullish Breakout Beyond 139.00 Barrier, Say Economist Lee Sue Ann and Markets Strategist Quek Ser Leang at UOB Group

USD/JPY Poised for Bullish Breakout Beyond 139.00 Barrier, Say Economist Lee Sue Ann and Markets Strategist Quek Ser Leang at UOB Group

Renowned economist Lee Sue Ann and experienced markets strategist Quek Ser Leang at UOB Group have recently expressed their observations regarding the USD/JPY currency pair. Both experts suggest that the possibility of a significant bullish breakout in USD/JPY is gaining momentum, potentially surpassing the crucial 139.00 barrier. The analysis provided by these industry professionals offers valuable insights into the potential future direction of the forex market.

USD/JPY’s Momentum Strengthens Toward Breaking the 139.00 Barrier

After a period of consolidation, USD/JPY appears to be gaining traction as it approaches the critical 139.00 resistance level. Lee Sue Ann highlights the growing strength behind this bullish move, indicating that market sentiment is increasingly favoring a breakout. The mounting momentum, coupled with positive market dynamics, has reinforced the probability of USD/JPY surpassing the 139.00 barrier in the near future.

Favorable Factors Driving the Potential Bullish Breakout

Quek Ser Leang, a markets strategist at UOB Group, elaborates on the various factors contributing to the possible bullish move in USD/JPY. The current positive market sentiment surrounding the US dollar, supported by robust economic growth and accommodative monetary policies, serves as a crucial driving force. Additionally, the Bank of Japan’s continuous commitment to maintaining a loose monetary policy has contributed to the weaker yen, further aiding USD/JPY’s upward potential.

US Economic Growth and Monetary Policies

Lee Sue Ann emphasizes the positive economic growth and monetary policies implemented by the United States, which have played a pivotal role in USD/JPY’s expected bullish breakout. The US economy’s resilience and recovery following recent challenges have generated an optimistic outlook among investors. The Federal Reserve’s commitment to maintaining an accommodative monetary policy to support economic growth has also bolstered confidence in the US dollar, increasing its attractiveness against the Japanese yen.

Bank of Japan’s Monetary Policy

Quek Ser Leang underscores the impact of the Bank of Japan’s ongoing monetary policy on USD/JPY’s potential breakout. With the Japanese central bank’s focus on maintaining a loose monetary stance, the yen has experienced downward pressure. This has created an environment conducive to a stronger US dollar, making USD/JPY an appealing option for investors seeking favorable returns. As the Bank of Japan remains committed to supporting economic recovery, the yen’s relative weakness is expected to persist, further driving USD/JPY’s upward momentum.

Technical Analysis and Market Sentiment

Both experts emphasize the significance of technical analysis and market sentiment in evaluating the potential bullish breakout in USD/JPY. Through comprehensive technical analysis, they have observed positive indicators and bullish patterns emerging in the currency pair’s charts. Moreover, market sentiment has gradually shifted in favor of a stronger US dollar against the yen, as global investors seek higher yields amid improving economic conditions.


Economist Lee Sue Ann and Markets Strategist Quek Ser Leang at UOB Group concur on the likelihood of a bullish breakout in USD/JPY, with a potential surge beyond the crucial 139.00 barrier. Their analysis highlights the positive market dynamics, such as the strong US economic growth, accommodative monetary policies, and the Bank of Japan’s loose stance, driving the anticipated upward momentum in the currency pair. Investors and forex traders are advised to closely monitor these developments as USD/JPY approaches the critical resistance level, as it could potentially present attractive trading opportunities.

In conclusion, the bullish outlook for USD/JPY supported by expert analysis provides valuable insights for market participants looking to make informed decisions regarding their forex trading strategies. As the currency pair gathers steam toward surpassing the 139.00 barrier, traders and investors must stay vigilant and adapt their positions accordingly to capitalize on potential gains in the ever-changing forex market landscape.

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