Commodities Indices Stocks Support & Resistance

US stocks close higher.Nasdaq up for the 5th day. S&P and Dow up for the 3rd straight day.

A depiction of the stock market can be seen in the image, which shows a graph with a rise and fall in the performance of stocks. The graph illustrates how stocks fluctuate over time.

The primary US stock indices have all concluded the trading session with gains. The NASDAQ is experiencing its fifth consecutive day of increases, while the S&P and Dow have risen during the last three days of trading and have risen four out of five days.

Today the Dow Industrial Average and the NASDAQ saw an increase of 0.64% while the S&P went up 0.34%.

The S&P index had 11 sectors, of which three went down while the remaining eight went up. Those sectors that went down today were:

  • The Consumer Staples sector decreased by 0.79%
  • Utilities decreased by 0.64%
  • Healthcare dropped by 0.39%

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Today’s greatest increases were seen in:

  • A 1.87% increase in energy was seen
  • Real estate saw an increase of 1.09%
  • A 0.8% rise was observed in the communication services sector
  • Information technology witnessed an increase of 0.72%

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The NASDAQ index’s daily chart displayed below indicates that the price is heading closer to its 100 day average of 11070.80.

At the end of December, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) suddenly jumped above its 100-day moving average, but quickly reversed and ended the day lower. This was exacerbated by year-end tax selling, resulting in a drop of 11.79%.

This year, the index has been on an upward trend.

The 100-day moving average is lower now (it was at 11464 in December 13, and is currently at 11070.80), meaning it is simpler to get to and surpass. If the MA is broken, traders will focus on the December high close to 11571 and the 200-day moving average descending to 11651.70 on the daily chart as the next upside objectives.

Since January 14, 2022, the NASDAQ index has not surpassed the level of its 200 day moving average (as indicated by the green line in the chart below), which was at 14726.49 at the time.