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Silver Bounces Back from March Lows, Defends 100-Day SMA Amidst Positive Momentum

Silver Bounces Back from March Lows, Defends 100-Day SMA Amidst Positive Momentum

In a remarkable turnaround, silver has managed to reverse a significant portion of the previous day’s decline, which pushed it to its lowest level since March 30. The white metal has defended the critical support of the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) and is now displaying signs of regained positive traction. With the early European session underway, silver is currently positioned around the $23.70-$23.75 region, showcasing a remarkable increase of over 1% for the day.

White Metal Resiliently Maintains Bid Tone

Despite the recent dip, silver has demonstrated resilience and strength as it maintains its bid tone during the early European session. Traders and investors are observing the white metal’s price movements with anticipation, recognizing its potential for further upside momentum. With the current price range between $23.70 and $23.75, silver has managed to recover from recent lows, painting a positive picture for future market activity.

Silver’s Defense of the 100-Day SMA

One significant factor contributing to silver’s recent rebound is its ability to defend the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA). The 100-day SMA is a widely monitored technical indicator that provides insight into the medium-term trend of an asset. The fact that silver managed to hold above this key support level suggests a potential shift in sentiment and increased buying interest among market participants.

Rebounding from March Lows

The recent decline in silver’s price pushed it to its lowest level since March 30. However, the white metal has demonstrated resilience and determination in bouncing back from these lows. Market participants are closely watching this recovery, as it could signal a reversal in the downward trend that had been plaguing silver in recent weeks.

Positive Market Sentiment Drives Silver’s Gain

Positive market sentiment has played a significant role in silver’s recent gains. As global economic conditions stabilize and investors regain confidence, precious metals like silver often benefit from increased demand. Factors such as inflation concerns, geopolitical tensions, and a weakening U.S. dollar can drive investors to seek the safety and value preservation offered by silver and other precious metals.

Silver’s Potential for Further Upside

With silver’s current positive momentum, there is a growing belief among market participants that the white metal has the potential for further upside. The rebound from March lows and the successful defense of the 100-day SMA indicate a possible shift in market sentiment and increased buying interest. Traders and investors will closely monitor silver’s price action to assess if this upward trajectory can be sustained in the coming days and weeks.

Factors Influencing Silver’s Price Movement

Several factors can influence the price movement of silver. One of the key drivers is the demand for industrial use. Silver has various applications in industries such as electronics, solar energy, and healthcare. Changes in demand from these sectors can have a significant impact on silver’s price. Additionally, macroeconomic factors, such as interest rates, inflation expectations, and global economic growth, can also influence the white metal’s performance.

Technical Analysis and Support Levels to Watch

Technical analysis plays a vital role in understanding silver’s price movements and identifying key support and resistance levels. Traders often pay close attention to these levels to gauge potential

price reversals or continuations. In the current scenario, market participants will closely watch the $23.70-$23.75 region, as it has acted as a support level during the recent rebound. If silver manages to sustain its positive momentum and break above key resistance levels, it could signal further upside potential.


Silver’s impressive recovery and defense of the 100-day SMA have brought renewed optimism to the market. The white metal’s resilience and positive traction indicate a potential shift in sentiment and increased buying interest. As global economic conditions stabilize and investors seek safe-haven assets, silver’s value preservation qualities make it an attractive option. Market participants will continue to monitor silver’s price action and key support and resistance levels to assess its future performance in the coming weeks and months.

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