The U.S. Treasury Offers $18 Billion of 30 Year Bonds With a Yield of 3.585%

The U.S. Treasury Offers $18 Billion of 30 Year Bonds With a Yield of 3.585%
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  • 3.585% yield at the time of the auction
  • WI level at 3.609%
  • Tail of -2.4 basis points in comparison to the six-month average of -0.2
  • Bid to cover ratio of 2.45X relative to the six-month average of 2.37X
  • Domestic demand (Directs) at 16.33%, average of 19.0% over the past six months
  • International demand (Indirects) at 74.63%, average of 69.4% in the past six months
  • Dealers at 9.04%, average of 11.6% over the past six months

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International buyers were very eager at the third sale of the week, while domestic purchasing was below the six-month average. Dealers were left with fewer items than usual due to the influx of international customers.

The offer of the cover surpassed the six-month average. The tail was a notable -2.4 basis points below the WI at the moment of the bid.

A- Grade in an Auction

When the Bank of Japan releases their upcoming policy decision next week, speculation is that they may push up yields on 10 year bonds even further. This expectation is especially strong in Japan.

It is important to bear in mind that the Bank of Japan recently elevated the goal yield up to 0.50% from 0.25%. An increase in yields usually leads to a decline in prices. Therefore, investors of Japanese debt may be turning their attention to the US, which seems to be on the edge of rate hikes.

  • Glimpsing at the markets, one can take a quick glance at what is happening.
  • The Dow gained 301 points, or 0.87%, to 34,269.70
  • The S&P increased 24.57 points, or 0.62%, to 3,993
  • The NASDAQ rose 71.71 points, or 0.66%, to 11,003.40
  • The Russell 2000 jumped 25.94 points, or 1.41%, to 1,869.95

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  • The US debt market is a focus of attention in the United States.
  • The 2 year yield has fallen by 8 basis points arriving at 4.14%
  • The 10 year yield has decreased by 11 basis points reaching 3.443%

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