Free Course for UAE Residents

How to Invest in the Stock Market

Are you interested in learning how to invest in the stock market? Then you’ll want to check out this free online course from two of Europe’s most renowned traders. Paul Wallace and Malte Kaub have years of experience training investors in various countries and will share all their secrets in this 3-hour course.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn

Learn how to
manage risk

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Find out how to optimize your rewards

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Trade with different
financial products

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Avoid common mistakes novice investors make

Plus, you’ll even get to test your skills in a stock market simulator with virtual capital.

Enhance your trading success

When it comes to investing, education is key. No matter what level of trader or investor you are, there is always more to learn. Learning how to read charts, to identify trends, to use technical indicators to create signals can greatly enhance your trading outcome.

Another key aspect to learn is how to manage your capital so that you can extend your rewards, while limiting your risk. It’s important to know that there are a variety of different financial products you can trade, each with its own benefits. In this course, we’ll discuss different types of investments that you may find suitable for your objectives and you’ll also be able to skip over the common mistakes that new traders make.

Learn to enjoy trading

Research shows that when you enjoy doing something, you often do it better and this rule perfectly applies to the course we have prepared just for you! It is presented in a fun, interactive and engaging way. It could truly be the best 3 hours you’ll spend.

Who is the course for?
People of all walks of life interested in learning about the financial markets and no prior experience is necessary. This 3-hour course combines entertainment, learning by practice and is completely free to participate in.

Who’s running the course?
nternational broker Leadcapital Corp Ltd is running their course in collaboration with two of the most successful retail investors. Paul Wallace and Malte Kaub, have trained more than 10,000 investors in various countries over the course of their careers.