CEEK Metaverse Platform Continues to Grow with Partnerships, Updates, and Airdrops

CEEK Forms Key Partnerships and Announces Airdrop

The Celebrity Metaverse Platform CEEK has been active in improving its metaverse and CEEK token since the beginning of April 2023. With the aim to grow its metaverse community and increase the usability of its token, CEEK has made significant partnerships, updates, and airdrops in the past three weeks.

One of the notable partnerships is with the Playing for Change Foundation (PFCF). CEEK has partnered with PFCF for the second year to stream and present the prestigious 2023 Impact Awards Gala. The partnership aims to raise funds for music education programs that will benefit children worldwide.

Another exciting development is the announcement of a 23,000 CEEK token airdrop. The airdrop is aimed at rewarding the community and attracting new users to the CEEK metaverse. Users can participate in the airdrop by following the instructions provided on the CEEK website.

CEEK Appears on KuCoin Fireside Chat and Announces Metaverse Q2 Plans

CEEK has also made appearances on the KuCoin Fireside Chat, a platform that features top blockchain and cryptocurrency experts. During the chat, CEEK discussed the developments and innovations in its metaverse platform and how it aims to transform the entertainment industry.

In addition, CEEK announced its Metaverse Q2 plans, which include expanding the metaverse with new partners and content, improving the platform’s usability and functionality, and enhancing user experience.

CEEK Partners with Ceffu

CEEK has also partnered with Ceffu (previously Binance Custody), a leading provider of institutional-grade cryptocurrency custody and trading services. The partnership will enable CEEK to access Ceffu’s institutional-grade custody solutions and trading services, ensuring the security and integrity of its assets.

In streaming and presenting the 2023 Impact Awards Gala, CEEK Founder and CEO Mary Spio expressed her excitement and appreciation for the partnership with PFCF. She stated that the partnership aligned with CEEK’s vision of using technology to make a positive impact in the world.

Overall, CEEK’s recent partnerships, updates, and airdrops demonstrate its commitment to providing an immersive and engaging metaverse experience for its users. With its growing community and expanding ecosystem, CEEK is poised to become a major player in the metaverse industry.

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