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US treasury auctions off $35 billion of 7 year notes at a high yield of 4.027%

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  • High yield 4.027%
  • WI level at the time of auction 4.016%
  • Tail 1.1 basis points vs. six-month average of -0.4%
  • bid to cover 2.43X vs six-month average of 2.57X
  • Directs 22.72% vs. six-month average of 19.1%
  • Indirects 63.17% vs. six-month average of 69.0%
  • Dealers 14.1% vs. six-month average of 11.9%

Auction grade: D

The only positive was that the domestic demand (direct bids) was higher than the six-month average at 22.72% vs. 19.1%. Other than that, the details of the auction compared to the 6 month averages were all disappointing.

  • Positive tail
  • lower bid to cover
  • lowered international demand through the Indirects
  • Dealers were saddled with more of the auction vs the average


The 2 year and 7 year were duds this week led by lower international demand.

The 5 year auction was the best, and led by stronger international demand.