GBP Analysis: Will the Pound Sterling Maintain Its Bearish Momentum?


In the ever-fluctuating world of foreign exchange markets, staying informed about the performance of major currencies is crucial for traders and investors. In this analysis, we’ll take a close look at the British Pound (GBP) and its recent movements, with a focus on its potential future trajectory. Our keyword for SEO optimization throughout this article will be “GBP analysis.”

Current GBP Performance

Over the past 24 hours, the GBP has experienced some noteworthy developments. In our previous analysis, we anticipated a continued drop in the value of the GBP. However, the actual movement was even more pronounced than expected, as the GBP fell to 1.2445 before settling at 1.2475 by the end of the day, marking a 0.26% decline.

Assessing Downward Momentum

Despite the substantial drop, it’s important to note that the downward momentum hasn’t seen significant improvement. This prompts the question of whether the GBP is poised to continue its decline or if a reversal is on the horizon.

Key Resistance and Support Levels

To better understand the GBP’s potential trajectory, it’s essential to identify critical resistance and support levels. In the immediate context, GBP must remain below 1.2510, with a minor resistance barrier at 1.2490. However, the major support level at 1.2400 is considered highly unlikely to be breached in the near term.

Factors Influencing GBP

Several factors contribute to the GBP’s recent performance and its outlook:

  • Economic Data: Economic indicators, such as GDP growth, employment rates, and inflation figures, have a substantial impact on a currency’s value. A stronger economy typically strengthens the currency, while weaker economic data can lead to depreciation.
  • Political Events: Political stability and government decisions play a crucial role. Uncertainty or political turmoil can lead to currency depreciation.
  • Global Events: Events on the global stage, including trade agreements, geopolitical tensions, and the COVID-19 pandemic, can significantly influence currency values.

Global Economic Context

To gain a broader perspective, it’s essential to consider the global economic landscape. Global events and trends can ripple through the forex market, affecting the GBP and other currencies.

Outlook for the GBP

As we consider the current situation and the factors at play, it’s reasonable to assume that the GBP may continue to face downward pressure. However, a sustained drop below 1.2470 is unlikely, and the significant support level at 1.2400 is expected to remain out of reach in the immediate future.


In conclusion, our GBP analysis indicates that while the currency has experienced a recent decline, it may continue to face downward momentum. However, the GBP is expected to find support above 1.2470, and the critical support at 1.2400 is unlikely to be breached in the short term. Traders and investors should closely monitor economic data, political developments, and global events to make informed decisions regarding the GBP.


The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Trading in the forex market carries inherent risks, and individuals should conduct their research and seek professional guidance before making any trading decisions.


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