USD/JPY Poised to Surge Beyond 139.00 on Increasing Buying Interest, Predict UOB Group Experts

USD/JPY Poised to Surge Beyond 139.00 on Increasing Buying Interest, Predict UOB Group Experts


The USD/JPY currency pair is expected to experience a substantial surge above the key resistance level of 139.00 in the near future, according to economists at UOB Group. Analysts Lee Sue Ann and Quek Ser Leang anticipate a rise in buying interest, driving the value of the pair to new heights. This article delves into the factors contributing to this positive projection and examines the potential implications for the foreign exchange market.

Increasing Buying Interest: Catalyst for Growth

With a surge in buying interest, the USD/JPY currency pair is likely to embark on a bullish trend, extending its value beyond the significant resistance level of 139.00. Market experts at UOB Group suggest that factors such as improving economic conditions and robust investor sentiment may contribute to the mounting demand for the US dollar. Consequently, this could fuel the upward trajectory of USD/JPY, favoring currency traders and investors alike.

Improved Economic Conditions Driving Demand

One of the primary drivers of the anticipated surge in USD/JPY is the improved economic landscape, particularly in the United States. The recent recovery efforts, bolstered by expansive fiscal stimulus measures and effective vaccination campaigns, have resulted in a revitalized US economy. This, in turn, has instilled confidence in investors and led to a growing preference for the US dollar as a safe-haven currency. As investors seek to capitalize on the positive economic outlook, the demand for USD/JPY is expected to rise significantly.

Strong Investor Sentiment Supporting the US Dollar

In addition to favorable economic conditions, a prevailing positive investor sentiment further enhances the appeal of the US dollar. The ongoing recovery from the global pandemic-induced downturn, coupled with the overall optimism surrounding the US economy, has positioned the greenback as an attractive investment option. The positive sentiment is primarily driven by robust corporate earnings, accommodative monetary policies, and the anticipation of sustained economic growth. Such factors are likely to attract more investors, thereby boosting the demand for the USD/JPY currency pair.

Technical Analysis: Resistance Level Breach Imminent

Technical analysis of the USD/JPY currency pair aligns with the optimistic outlook presented by UOB Group’s economists. Market strategists anticipate that the persistent buying interest will ultimately breach the resistance level of 139.00. This is based on key technical indicators and patterns, such as moving averages and chart formations, which suggest a bullish sentiment. Traders closely following these technical signals may find ample opportunities to capitalize on the potential upside movement of the USD/JPY pair.

Impact on the Foreign Exchange Market

The projected surge in USD/JPY will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the broader foreign exchange market. As the pair surpasses the 139.00 resistance level, it may trigger a series of reactions across various currency pairs. Forex traders and investors are likely to reassess their positions and adjust their strategies accordingly, taking into account the renewed strength of the US dollar. Additionally, this development may impact trade flows, particularly between the United States and Japan, potentially influencing the economic dynamics of both countries.


In conclusion, UOB Group economists and market strategists foresee a substantial uptrend for the USD/JPY currency pair. Increasing buying interest, driven by improved economic conditions and positive investor sentiment, is expected to propel the pair beyond the significant resistance level of 139.00. Traders and investors are advised to closely monitor this evolving trend and consider adjusting their positions accordingly. As the USD/JPY surges, the broader foreign exchange market may experience ripple effects, potentially influencing global trade dynamics.

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