AUD/USD Pair Finds Support as Australian GDP Report Surpasses Expectations

AUD/USD Pair Finds Support as Australian GDP Report Surpasses Expectations


In the world of forex trading, the AUD/USD pair has been making waves recently. For the second consecutive day, it has found support in the mid-0.6300s, marking a notable recovery from a low not seen since November 2022. This article will delve into the dynamics at play, including the influence of the US Dollar’s recent performance and a better-than-expected Australian GDP report.

AUD/USD Pair’s Resilience

The AUD/USD pair has shown remarkable resilience in the face of adversity, managing to find support despite touching a fresh low not witnessed in nearly a year. This trend has held steady for two consecutive days, indicating a level of stability in the mid-0.6300s. However, it’s important to note that spot prices have struggled to breach the psychological barrier of 0.6400, hovering just below it during the early European session.

US Dollar’s Brief Pause

One of the key factors contributing to the AUD/USD pair’s recent performance is the US Dollar’s behavior. The greenback, after experiencing a robust rise to a six-month peak, has taken a momentary pause. This respite in the USD’s ascent has opened the door for some intraday short-covering in the AUD/USD pair.

Australian GDP Report: A Game Changer

A significant catalyst for the AUD/USD pair’s recent movements has been the release of the Australian GDP report. This economic indicator exceeded expectations and has had a notable impact on currency markets. According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the economy expanded by 0.4% during the April-June period. This figure surpassed the anticipated 0.3% rise and marked a positive shift from the 0.2% growth registered in the previous quarter.

Strong Yearly Growth

The positive surprises did not end there. The yearly growth rate also exceeded market expectations. It came in at 2.1%, outperforming the 2.3% seen in the first quarter of the year. This uptick in yearly growth indicates that the Australian economy is gaining momentum, which has not only bolstered the AUD/USD pair but also generated positive sentiment in broader financial markets.

Impact on AUD/USD Pair

The AUD/USD pair’s response to these developments has been noteworthy. The better-than-expected GDP report from Australia has prompted some short-covering in the pair, allowing it to recover from recent lows. Investors seem to be reassessing their positions in light of the positive economic data, leading to a modest upswing in the AUD/USD exchange rate.

What Lies Ahead?

As traders and investors continue to digest this information, the AUD/USD pair’s trajectory remains uncertain. While the Australian GDP report has provided a short-term boost, the broader geopolitical and economic landscape will play a significant role in determining the pair’s future movements.


In conclusion, the AUD/USD pair’s recent performance, marked by its ability to find support despite hitting fresh lows, can be attributed to multiple factors. The brief pause in the US Dollar’s ascent and the release of a better-than-expected Australian GDP report have fueled short-covering in the pair. With the Australian economy showing signs of strength, traders will closely monitor global events to gauge the AUD/USD pair’s direction in the coming days and weeks.


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