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Pakistan’s Foreign Worker Remittances See Modest Increase in August

Pakistan's Foreign Worker Remittances See Modest Increase in August

Pakistan’s August Remittances Rise Slightly”

In August, Pakistan’s central bank reported foreign worker remittances totaling $2.09 billion, marking a modest increase from July’s figure of $2.02 billion. This boost in remittances holds significance for Pakistan’s economy, especially in the context of an ongoing IMF loan program designed to avert a potential default on the country’s sovereign debt.

The Importance of Remittances

Foreign worker remittances are a vital component of Pakistan’s economy. They constitute a major source of foreign exchange reserves and significantly contribute to stabilizing the country’s balance of payments. These remittances come from Pakistani expatriates living and working abroad, sending money back home to support their families and invest in various sectors of the economy.

IMF’s Role in Stabilizing Pakistan’s Economy

Pakistan’s economic stability has been a cause for concern in recent years, leading to negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to secure financial assistance. The IMF loan program agreed upon in July came with specific conditions aimed at addressing Pakistan’s economic challenges. One of these conditions was to limit the premium between the local rupee’s interbank and open market rates.

Exchange Rate Stabilization

Under the IMF’s guidance, Pakistan was instructed to keep the premium between the local rupee’s interbank and open market rates to a maximum of 1.25% over any given five business days. This directive was implemented to curb exchange rate volatility and ensure a more stable and predictable currency market.

August Remittances Reflect Economic Resilience

The slight increase in foreign worker remittances from $2.02 billion in July to $2.09 billion in August is indicative of Pakistan’s economic resilience. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainties worldwide, Pakistani expatriates continue to send money back home, providing much-needed support to their families and the national economy.

Factors Behind the Increase

Several factors likely contributed to the uptick in remittances during August. One key factor is the gradual reopening of economies in many countries, allowing Pakistani workers abroad to resume their jobs and income-generating activities. Additionally, government initiatives and financial incentives for expatriates may have encouraged higher remittance flows.

Impact on Pakistan’s Economy

The increase in remittances has a positive impact on Pakistan’s economy. It bolsters the country’s foreign exchange reserves, which are crucial for meeting international obligations and maintaining a stable exchange rate. Moreover, the additional funds injected into the economy can stimulate consumption and investment, supporting overall economic growth.

Future Outlook

While the August increase in remittances is a positive sign, Pakistan must continue to focus on economic reforms and measures that promote sustainable growth. The IMF’s involvement in the country’s economic management remains significant, and adhering to the conditions of the loan program is essential for long-term stability.


In conclusion, Pakistan’s foreign worker remittances showed a modest increase in August, providing a ray of hope for the country’s economic stability. The IMF’s loan program and its condition of limiting exchange rate premiums have played a crucial role in managing Pakistan’s economic challenges. As Pakistan navigates these uncertain times, the resilience of its expatriate community and their contributions to the economy remain a vital lifeline for the nation’s financial well-being.


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