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GBPJPY Struggles to Endorse Bullish Outlook – A Technical Analysis

GBPJPY Struggles to Endorse Bullish Outlook - A Technical Analysis


GBPJPY is a currency pair that has been in focus for many traders and investors due to its recent price action. The pair has been hovering above the long-term uptrend line but has struggled to break above the key resistance level of 161.80. In this article, we will take a closer look at the technical indicators and price action to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and future prospects of GBPJPY.

Uptrend Line and Resistance Level:

GBPJPY has been in an uptrend for some time now, but the recent price action has failed to endorse the bullish outlook. The pair is currently standing above the long-term uptrend line but has encountered strong resistance at the 161.80 level. This has resulted in a neutral short-term view, with prices moving sideways.

RSI and MACD Indicators:

The RSI indicator is pointing slightly down in the bearish region, while the MACD is moving sideways below its trigger and zero lines. This suggests that the market is uncertain about the direction of the trend, and a clearer direction may emerge in the coming sessions.

Moving Averages:

The 20- and 200-day simple moving averages (SMAs) are flattening, mirroring the price action. This is a sign of consolidation in the market, and a break in either direction could result in a significant price move. The 50-day SMA is at 161.20, which could provide resistance if the pair strengthens its momentum.

Bullish Scenario:

If GBPJPY manages to break above the 161.80 resistance level, the next resistance could come around the 50-day SMA. A break above this level could shift the bias to a more bullish one and open the way toward the 200-day SMA near 163.00. A break above the 200-day SMA could result in further upside potential, with the 164.00 mark and the short-term downtrend line at 165.00 coming into focus.

Bearish Scenario:

However, if prices are unable to break above the 161.80 level, the risk would shift back to the downside. The long-term uptrend line at 156.50 would once again come into focus, along with the three-month low of 155.30. A drop lower would take the market down to the 152.60 support and the 150.95 barriers.


In conclusion, GBPJPY is currently facing a critical juncture, with the market uncertain about the direction of the trend. The pair is failing to endorse the broader bullish outlook, remaining below the SMAs and the 161.80 key level. Traders and investors should monitor the price action and key levels closely to determine the next move in the market.

The above analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation and future prospects of GBPJPY. By keeping an eye on the key indicators and price action, traders and investors can make informed decisions about their trading and investment strategies.

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