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Stock markets start out strong but slip as investors mull over consumer price index information

Stock markets start out strong but slip as investors mull over consumer price index information

At the start of the trading session, the main US indices were in the green, but those gains were swiftly wiped away as the market responded to the newly-released Consumer Price Index data. The overall CPI dropped by a tenth of a percent while the core rate, excluding food and energy, increased by three tenths.

An overview of the market three minutes into the opening reveals:

  • The Dow Industrial Average ended at 33963.91, a decrease of 9.11 points or -0.03%.
  • The S&P index finished at 3968.02, down 1.58 points or -0.04%.
  • The NASDAQ index closed at 10923.48, a decrease of 8.19 points or -0.07%.
  • The Russell 2000 ended at 1849.39, an increase of 5.346 points or +0.29%.

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Expectations of a 25 basis point increase at the upcoming Fed gathering have caused US yields to diminish.

  • The two year yield has decreased 7.3 basis points to 4.147%
  • The five year yield has decreased 8.3 basis points to 3.577%
  • The ten year yield has dropped 4.8 basis points to 3.497%
  • The thirty year yield has gone down 2.8 basis points to 3.647%

The use of wireless technology is rapidly increasing due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Its availability is becoming more widespread, enabling people to access data and information without the need for cables and wires. This is resulting in a surge in the number of individuals and businesses utilizing wireless technology.

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At 1 PM ET, the US treasury held an auction of 30 year bonds. The sales of three and 10 year notes earlier in the week, particularly to foreign purchasers, were quite successful.

For other areas:

  • Gold is rising $15.69 (0.83%) to $1890.55
  • Silver has gained $0.44 (1.86%) to $23.87
  • WTI crude oil is trading up $1.25 at $78.90
  • Bitcoin has surpassed 18,000, trading at $18,072. It hit a high of $18,370 and a low of $17,911.

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The dollar index (DXY) has dropped -0.52% in the Forex market and is currently trading at its lowest level since June 9, 2022. If we look at the daily chart, the price has come close to the 50% midpoint of 102.17 with a low of 102.32. Currently, the price is at 102.69.

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